NUDM Creative Fundraisers

Meet Alana! Alana offered to clean student houses and apartments off campus in return for NUDM donations. She made close to $200 dollars.  She offered different rates for different services including wiping down surfaces, organizing dishes, and more. You rock Alana! 

Meet Eliana! Eliana pledged to dye her hair blue if friends, family, and others in her network donated to her NUDM 2019 fundraising efforts. Through posting on Facebook and Instagram polls requesting to Venmo request her followers, Eliana raised $175 in just one week… plus the hair looked awesome. Great work, Eliana!

Meet Sanji! Sanji was brave to offer to do the ghost pepper challenge for NUDM donations if she reached $400 by Giving Tuesday. Then, she took it a step further…. if she raised $600 by then, a friend would join in on the challenge, and then another friend said she’d join as well if Sanji got to $800. It was a huge success. Great job all!

Meet Reilly!  Reilly asked her followers on Instagram to donate $5, and in return she would recreate and post any TIk Tok of their choice. She has made $50 so far but can continue this until the weekend of. Go Reilly! 

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